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Freeze Dried Miami Treats Crunchy Rainbow Candy ONLY $4.99 5oz

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CRUNCHY DELICIOUS TREATS - For those who love rainbow candies but prefer something a little less chewy, our freeze dried rainbow candies are the ideal crunchy treat. Our dry freeze candy is made with the same original flavor as rainbow candy but with a unique twist on the classic flavor, with the added crunch using freeze-drying technology. The texture of these freeze dried snacks is light and crispy, striking the ideal balance between crunchy and chewy.

SAFELY PRESERVED FREEZED DRY CANDY - Our sour hard candy has been preserved using a freeze-drying machine. In order to lower the boiling point of water in the fruit candy, the machine first freezes the candy to a temperature of -40° before reducing the pressure around it. By passing air across the candy's surface at a very low temperature and high pressure, moisture is removed using this process while preserving its flavor and texture.

READY TO EAT CANDY ON THE GO - The freeze dry candy is ready to eat right out of the pouch and offers a convenient and delicious snack for people on the go. Our delicious skittle candy pack is a great snack option because it's lightweight, easy to transport, and provides a lip-smacking dried freeze candy. Whether you need a quick snack while running errands or an energy boost while hiking or camping, our freeze dried candy pack is the ideal solution.

PERFECT SHELF-STABLE DELIGHT - Anyone of any age can enjoy the tasty treats in our freeze dried candy box. These sour candies have a long shelf life, making them convenient to buy in bulk in preparation for special occasions like birthdays and the holidays. The flavor of freeze dried skittles candy makes them a favorite among children and adults alike. These candies' colorfulness adds to their appeal, and you can also use them to adorn baked goods.
SHARE SWEETNESS WITH YOUR LOVED ONES - Regardless of the occasion, our dried candy is ideal for including in a candy gift basket. Share our freezed dried candy with your friends and family and watch their faces light up with delight. Packed & sealed in resalable Container for maximum freshness, these freeze dried candies offer a superior crunch and sweet, sour taste that's perfect for snacking or gifting.

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Customer Reviews

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Aanor Wilson
Freeze dried skittles

They are honestly so good and so sweet and crunchy I love them they came BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN SUPPOSED TO ARRIVE! Definitely a 5 star!


So good 😋

ari wash
so good🙏

its so good bro. yall gotta get it 😭. ian even ask but my mom tried one nd forgot cus its so good 😮‍💨

10 out of 10 Recommend

very good

joseph k

straight forward and u get what u payed for there so yummy